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For Us, the Lusting

From time to time one comes across a work of fiction meriting almost perfect scorn, indignation, and hate. Heinlein’s FOR US, THE LIVING is such a book. This is a review of the first hundred pages or so, since I lack the fortitude to continue past that point. Published posthumously, this was Heinlein’s first attempt […]

More Borges! Funes and Ruins, Asterion and Aleph

This is a review of four more baffling short stories by Jorge Luis Borges, a writer of great power, subtlety, craft and intellect, who was cheated of the Nobel Prize for literature, to the everlasting shame of that corrupt and partisan award. I adduce these reviews to my previous (first part is here http://johncwright.livejournal.com/329660.html) as […]

Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius

It is my sincere hope that I shall not lose that reputation as a philistine of low tastes I have so exquisitely cultivated over the years. Nonetheless, even at the risk of being brought into mockery of those whose opinions I cherish above my own, I must speak. This is a review of four baffling […]

Book Review: Gene Wolfe and Paul Johnson, plus a kind word about dragontraining

THE SORCERER’S HOUSE by Gene Wolfe. Perhaps the best book I’ve read all year. The book consists of a series of letters from and to an ex-convict named Bax, just out of jail, desperate for money and looking for a place to stay, who trespasses into an odd and empty mansion called Black House in […]