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This Just In: Warmists with Frostbite

The ever-brilliant Mr. Moeller writes an adroit and trenchant message for Lenin’s Birthday Earth Day. This just amused me to no end: Happy Earth Day, comrades!  I myself plan to demonstrate my regard for the green lifestyle in the usual fashion: by eating a Big Mac in my car with the air conditioner on. And now, some […]

Planned Parenthood in China

From the pen of Mark Shea China: Planned Parenthood Latest breakthrough in the world of Reproductive Choice: Officials in Guangdong have launched a campaign to sterilise nearly 10000 people as part of a crackdown on parents who violate family-planning rules. Related: Old Folks Held to Force Relative’s Sterilizations And here is the spokesman for Murder […]

Who Watches the WATCHMEN? I did.

SPOILER ALERT. Many, many spoilers below. I discuss the surprise ending and several plot twists. CHILDREN ALERT. Do not take any children to see this film. It is not a superhero movie. It is an antisuperhero movie. It is deliberately brutal, gross and bloody where comic books would use sanitized comic-booky violence. It is deliberately […]