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Second Update on Pluto Day

A reader writes in and says he would have welcomed the addition of Eris as a tenth planet. I, too, who live in a reasonable terror of the Red Lectroids from Planet Ten, also would have welcomed them into the Solar Union, rather than dismiss them, trampling their civil rights, by exiling them to the […]

Update on Pluto Day

One of my thousands of loyal henchwomen who walk unnoticed among the muggles and mundanes of the ordinary world sends in this picture in honor of Pluto Day.

Not Earth Day: PLUTO DAY!

While the rest of you Earthlings are celebrating Earth Day (a holiday beloved of Enviro-Marxist Gaeanist Neo-pagan Neo-Puritan Death Cultists whose scientific literacy is somewhere south of the Flat Earth Society) we here at the headquarters of the more cosmologically minded and cosmopolitan Space Princess Movement have decided to break the bonds of geocentric parochialism […]

Coolest Robot Evah?

The fine fellows over at Sf Signal asked some sciencefictioneers their opinion of the coolest robot in sciencifictiondom. I decided to share my opinion here. What’s yours? Robots from television and movies will tend to take the prize, merely because we can see and hear them. I am tempted to say the most memorable robot […]

For Us, the Lusting

From time to time one comes across a work of fiction meriting almost perfect scorn, indignation, and hate. Heinlein’s FOR US, THE LIVING is such a book. This is a review of the first hundred pages or so, since I lack the fortitude to continue past that point. Published posthumously, this was Heinlein’s first attempt […]

How SF Books are Written

The esteemed Charles Stross (esteemed by me, at least; I regret he does not return my feeling for him) has an interesting and honest description of how his SFF novel evolved, interesting in particular because of the take on genre-crossing. His describes FAMILY TRADE books as ‘Science Fiction in Fantasy drag’; his take on the difference […]