World of Warcraft Guild Seeks New Members

Posted October 26, 2016 By John C Wright

A reader who has done me  a good turn asked me to help the recruitment of his World of Warcraft guild:

The People’s Front wants YOU!

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Ya Got Trouble

Posted October 26, 2016 By John C Wright

I had the misfortune of listening to an unfunny and unmusical version of the speech by Professor Harold Hill in real life, by which I mean a confidence trickster attempted both to convince his audience of an utterly imaginary danger, and then proffered his own completely imaginary solution. Unlike the real Harold Hill, the man I heard did not even actually offer band instruments and uniforms for sale, or anything of value.

Having reached the age when all the familiar landmarks of my youth are unknown to the next generation, it behooves me to explain who Harold Hill is, and what he said, for those of you unfamiliar with Dan Patch and Cap’n Billy’s Whizz-Bang.

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Too Long; Did Not Read WikiLeaks

Posted October 26, 2016 By John C Wright

For those of you without the time or patience to comb through thousands of leaked emails, the website Break has done so admirably. This is but a part (a large part) of the article, which you should by all means go here to read

Break sums it up. The Uranium One deal was my favorite, considering how often the Wicked Witch of the West through into Donald Trump’s face the accusation that he had friendly dealings with the Russians. She was selling them American radioactives:

Uranium One: Part 1 of Podesta email dump started us off with a doozy. A company called Uranium One was sold to the Russian government, and Hillary helped authorize the transfer as Secretary of State. As the Russians took over the company, the Clinton Foundation began receiving million-dollar donations from entities related to the company’s chairman. Emails show that officials who helped Hillary finish the sale were granted political favors.
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Superluminary, Episode 24 The Three Headed Throne

Posted October 26, 2016 By John C Wright

Superluminary, Episode 24 THE THREE HEADED THRONE, is posted on Patreon:

Episode 24 The Three Headed Throne

In this exciting episode, the Emperor of Man is found.
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Oh, and…

Posted October 26, 2016 By John C Wright

Jagi here again…

Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you, to everyone who contributed to John’s Patreon account.

You have made it much more likely that we will be able to pay all our bills every month!

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Thank you, Dear and Gracious Readers!

Posted October 25, 2016 By John C Wright

Hey, Jagi here!

I just wanted to take this moment, while John is napping during a late lunch break, to thank you all, once more, for your amazing generosity.

Not only did we both pay the mortgage and eat (amazing in itself!) but there was so much bounty from the gifts you all sent that I was able to:
pay our back creditors (including two bills that were over two years old);
pay additional current bills;
buy pants for the Cherubim–who is doing a work-study thing at school and needed pants without holes;
repaired the air conditioner;
put aside money to repair the kitchen light (which has been out for a month or so. Very hard to cook in the dark! Really looking forward to that being fixed next week);
buy shoes for two of the children (both of whom has holes in their soles);
buy an outfit for the princess to start her new job training program;
share a bit of the bounty with two friends in dire need;
fix the laptop someone had dropped;
buy John a Roku for his birthday (he’d been asking to watch Netflix on the TV for two years or more);
go out for a meal–to celebrate all the bounty and the release of the third Book of Unexpected Enlightenment
And, with the exception of the last, a bunch of other equally practical things that were needed around the house. (I did splurge and buy a treat for each of the three animals.)

And this doesn’t include, books, drawing pads, and other wonderful things that arrived at the house! (A picture from the wonderful gift of a drawing pad should be appearing sometime soon.) Thank you! Thank you!

I wanted to let you all know that your gifts were tremendously appreciated…and I tried to put it all to good and practical use.

Much gratitude,

The Wright Family

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The Suicide of Thought (Complete)

Posted October 24, 2016 By John C Wright

As a convenience for the reader, all parts of this essay have been here gathered in one place:

Part One: the Murder of Euclid

Imagine you are a detective called to a crime scene. You unlock the room where the corpse, dead under suspicious circumstances, hanged, but also stabbed and shot. Outside the window, at the same time, you see skyscrapers dark, crumbling, cracked and empty, the streetlamps unlit, and corpses heaped in the silent streets. Churches are burned. All monuments and courthouses are coated with graffiti. The public parks are filled with smoldering rubbish, the rivers with floundering wrecks.

As a detective, your mission is not only to solve the murder mystery of the locked room, but discover what unknown force has destroyed the whole city.

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The Suicide of Thought (Part Ten)

Posted October 21, 2016 By John C Wright
Part Ten:  The Suicide of Thought

Thus philosophy ends. Without any ability to justify or explain itself, its goals, or man’s place in the cosmos, philosophical inquiry ceases as a rigorous discipline.

Nihilism is a halt state. Once the philosophy is adopted which, as a matter of doctrine, holds that no philosophical truths can ever be discovered or debated, that reality is optional, that ethics are a matter of the will of the stronger, there is no way to reason oneself out of this posture. Anything presented as true, real, or virtuous is dismissed before it is presented.

Hence we have the nameless philosophy of the modern mind.

The nameless credo is sometimes called postmodernism, but an aversion to naming, labeling and identifying things cuts against the modern mindset itself, and so no unambiguous term has come into common parlance.

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Sobre a Natureza Sexual do Homem

Posted October 21, 2016 By John C Wright

A volunteer has worked for three months to translate my essay on chastity into Portuguese. The purpose was to show the proper atheist viewpoint on sexual ethics, grounded on nothing other than practical reason, leads to the same conclusions about disordered sexual appetites and irresponsible behavior as are reached by traditional Christian teaching, as well as by pagan.

The English original is here:

The Portuguese is here:

Here are the opening pararaphs

Sendo um Católico Romano fiel que foi um ateu por toda sua vida adulta (e a maior parte da infância), eu ocupo uma posição interessante nos debates contínuos relativos ao turbilhão social causado pela falta de castidade sexual, particularmente aquela prática não-casta que provém do que é delicadamente chamado atração pelo mesmo sexo.

Pode-se ser automaticamente tentado a assumir que ateus deveriam apoiar a posição sexualmente liberada que declara lícitos todos os atos sexuais entre dois ou mais parceiros adultos em seus retos juízos. Pode-se ser tentado a assumir que não existe nenhuma base racional para condenar a libertinagem sexual, aparte dos dogmas e explicações sobrenaturais da teologia Cristã.

Esta tentação deve ser resistida a todo custo, já que ela é não apenas falsa, mas é tola, pois leva a conversa para fora do reino da razão natural e lógica para fugir da imoralidade sexual, e entra no reino do sobrenatural e teológico. Uma vez que a questão é falsamente rotulada como teológica, falsamente difamada como uma questão onde toda discussão está fora dos limites por ser uma matéria pessoal de fé irracional, então o tópico é ejetado imediatamente do fórum público.

And the original:

As a faithful Roman Catholic who was an atheist for all his adult life (and most of his childhood) I occupy an interesting position in the ongoing debates concerning the social turmoil caused by sexual unchastity, particularly that unchaste practice which issues forth from what is delicately called same-sex attraction.

One is tempted automatically to assume that atheists should support or ought to support the sexually liberated position that declares all sexual acts licit between two or more consenting adult partners in their right wits. One is tempted to assume that no rational grounds to condemn sexual libertinism exist, aside from the dogmas and supernatural reasoning of Christian theology.

This temptation must be resisted at all costs, since not only is it untrue, it is foolish, for the drives the conversation out of the realm of natural and logical reasons to avoid sexual immorality and into the realm of the supernatural and theological. Once the issue is falsely labeled as a theological one, it is falsely libeled as an issue where all discussion is offlimits for being a personal matter of irrational faith, then the topic is ejected forthwith from the public forum.

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Rogue One Trailer Two

Posted October 21, 2016 By John C Wright

The first trailer did not impress me as an ad for a flick I wanted to see, but this one did.

I especially like the shot of the Death Star seen on the blue horizon of a world as it rises: it reminds me of scenes out of my own books.

Unlike the ill fated prequels, this looks like a real Star Wars story.

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