Posted September 18, 2017 By John C Wright

I am unduly and absurdly glad to repeat this announcement from my publisher. This book is the halfway mark in my Moth and Cobweb series.


Inflicted with amnesia, Yumiko Ume Moth has managed to discover the identity of the lost love she cannot remember. She has also learned the bitter truth of her mother’s murder. And the party responsible for the absence of the one and the death of the other is the same: the Supreme Council of Anarchists.

Now Yumiko hopes to rescue the brilliant young man who may or may not be her fiance while seeking vengeance for the Grail Queen, her mother. But her only allies are a scatter-brained fairy and the Last Crusade, which, despite its grand name, consists of a young knight and his dog.

Nevertheless, the Foxmaiden will not turn from her path, though all the dark forces of Tartarus stand in her way.

TITHE TO TARTARUS: The Dark Avenger’s Sidekick book three is the 6th volume of Moth & Cobweb.

John C. Wright is one of the living grandmasters of science fiction and the author of THE GOLDEN AGE, AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND, and IRON CHAMBER OF MEMORY, to name just three of his exceptional books. He has been nominated for both the Nebula and Hugo Awards, and his novel SOMEWHITHER won the 2016 Dragon Award for Best Science Fiction Novel at Dragoncon.

The first book in the Moth & Cobweb series, SWAN KNIGHT’S SON, was a finalist for the 2017 Dragon Award for Best Young Adult Novel. 

Those of you who have Amazon Prime may be interested to know that all six books of the Moth & Cobweb series are now available on Kindle Unlimited.

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Last Crusade Three Centers of Power

Posted September 17, 2017 By John C Wright

To the defeat the enemy, one must first know the enemy, and come to grips with the enemy.

In the present case, the current phase of the eternal war between heaven and hell is a culture war gripping the West. The great civilizations of the East have adopted one or the other banners from Western thought or Western heresy: China is Marxist rather than Confucian; India follows British forms of law; Japan and South Korea adopt democratic, free-market policies. Hence, the outcome for the East depends on the West.

In the West, Europe has abandoned God, and committed slow suicide. Russia has abandoned Godlessness, and shows signs of a return to their old strength.

The Jews, as is their sad habit since biblical times, have also abandoned God, and now whore after other gods, the secular gods of political correctness, anti-life nonsense and moral filth.

As ever, God preserves a remnant of orthodox and practicing Jews, a tithe from whom the next generation will be built.

In all this, no hope of triumph over the darkness remains, save perhaps here in America. If we prevail here, Europe and Israel may be saved yet. If not, the Leftists will feed them feet first into the wood chipper of the Jihad.

In America, the riots, bombings, assassinations, and mass shootings by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Jihadists, and other terror groups employed by the Left, currently are an adjunct to the culture war, meant to produce turmoil, discontent, and, above all, fear.

In effect, at the present moment, the Leftist terrorism is meant to produce psychological rather than military victory: to reduce the will of Civilization to resist, since overcoming our strength by direct mean is, in this generation, is impossible for them.

In America, the political system is on its deathbed, but it has not yet died.

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Wright with Chest

Posted September 13, 2017 By John C Wright

I had the honor to be asked to be a guest on the Men with Chests podcast


The show can be heard on iTunes, Stitcher, Google play, and with any app that allows you to subscribe to an RSS feed. Regrettably, we are not available on Sound Cloud.

The homepage has all the links available: http://menwithchests.site/

Here is the post: http://menwithchests.site/2…

I love these guys. They start with the battle prayer to St Michael the Archangel, and end with the cry of Deus Vult.

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Lost on the Last Continent, Episode 15, The Iron Mole

Posted September 13, 2017 By John C Wright

Lost on the Last Continent, Episode 15, The Iron Mole, is now posted on Patreon.

Episode 15 The Iron Mole

In this exciting episode, in an act of underworld piracy, Colonel Lost boards and commandeers the armored burrowing craft,  hears strange voices, and finds himself locked into a form of combat for which he is entirely unprepared.

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Last Crusade The Strumpet Fortune

Posted September 11, 2017 By John C Wright

The advocates for the Devil’s party must at all costs prevent any honest argument from coming to grips with them. For this reason, all their arguments merely evade or abort rather than win the argument. The tactics studied by all their chessmasters is how to kick over the chessboard rather than play and win the game.

One such useful tactic to silence debate for the Devil’s party merely to claim that the future is inevitable, but has been revealed, usually by science, but always by some preposterous claim of titanic intellectual supremacy, only to them.

The matter is as fixed and sure as the time of the next total eclipse of the sun, and as equally immune from and indifferent to human tears, needs, or pleas as the motions of heavenly bodies.

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Lost on the Last Continent, Episode 14, Voice of the Watcher

Posted September 7, 2017 By John C Wright

Lost on the Last Continent, Episode 14, Voice of the Watcher, is now posted on Patreon.

Episode 14 Voice of the Watcher

In this exciting episode, Colonel Lost overhears the enemy, sees a weakness, and witnesses a strange miracle of munitioning.

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Posted September 6, 2017 By John C Wright

The next episode of LOST ON THE LAST CONTINENT is on its way, but my writing schedule was delayed by matters beyond my control. It should be posted by this evening.

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Last Crusade: Beware the Heffalump

Posted September 3, 2017 By John C Wright

Any advocate for the Devil’s Party, because he cannot summon the truth to his side to battle his opposition, cannot argue the merits of the case. He must silence the opposition. This he does by denying speakers any platform to speak, by driving honest debate away from the public square, and by luring the onlookers to close their minds and stopper their ears.

A recurring lie of the Devil’s party is that the speaker is increasing the danger to society by promoting dangerous ideas. Merely the discussion is a danger, since time is short. The current emergency is immediate and immense.

That is why the mass starvation or new ice age or flooding or drought caused by global warming or global cooling or both are always said to be ten or twenty years in the future. This is true even of predictions made twenty or forty years ago, none of which ever eventuate.

In order to promote the idea that the emergency is immediate, it is useful merely to scream hysterically and foam at the mouth like a rabid dog. This energetic display of twitching, glaring-eyed insanity deters calm men who have day jobs from engaging the speaker in debate.

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Tick and Candice

Posted September 2, 2017 By John C Wright

Two short notes to show the influence of Political Correctness, the SJWs, and assorted brain-undead yammer-zombies on our nation.

First, not five minutes ago, I was watching a new Amazon.com series, a live action version of THE TICK. It had an odd and dark take on the zany comedy.

Instead of Arthur being the voice of sanity in the crazy world of the comedy superheroes, he is the survivor of seeing his father and all his young idols killed right before his eyes, and is on medication, because he is crazy.

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Not Tired of Winning Yet XXVIII

Posted August 30, 2017 By John C Wright

Several items of heartwarming victory are here.

People with the psychological condition known as sexual dysphoria, otherwise known as “transgendered” will no longer serve in the military. For the first time in modern history, the Long March through our institutions has been forced to take a step back.  Not reported correctly in the news.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was grotesquely railroaded by the Obama administration. He was ordered by a Judge how and when to enforce the law, despite that the judiciary is not supposed to enforce the law, only interpret it. The Judge told him not to check Mexicans when searching for Mexicans illegally crossing the border.  He obeyed but they claimed he disobeyed, and then charged with contempt of court for failing to obey.   President Trump has undone this disgusting and tyrannical abuse of our legal system by issuing a pardon. Not reported correctly in the news.

Also, the three percent growth to the economy which all the news claimed and screamed and yelled and frothed and yodeled and sneered could not possibly ever take place, on the grounds that slow growth and grinding poverty was the new normal, has, in fact been achieved this quarter. We have seen no such growth in the last eight or ten years or so. Not reported in the news.

Also, national debt decreased by $100 billion during the first few months in office of the Trump Administration. Not reported in the news at all.

The News is losing its deadly and pitiless fight against America.


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