Rabid Puppies Strike Back!

Posted July 20, 2016 By John C Wright

I don’t have any works of my own up for a Hugo this year, but I urge all fans of non-Morlock science fiction to bestir themselves and vote.

The Evil Legion of Evil Authors has declared war on the Morlocks. Our Dark Lord, Vox Day of the Infinite Evil, helpfully posts his voting preferences.

Question: Must I vote exactly as the Dark Lord indicates?

Answer: Participation is voluntary, unless you have sold your soul and lost all capacity for free will by the painful implantation of a cybernetic brain-consumption cortex-worm (which, of course, as Grand Inquisitor, I wholly recommend).

Pre-formatted forms for soul-selling are available on sublevel 3 of the volcano island base of Darkstormhold, the office of Metaphysical Absorption and Abnegation next to the Haunted Chapel.

Merely approach the portal and speak into the Discontinuity in a loud, clear voice.

Avoid colloquial expressions, ambiguity, rhetorical questions, cant. Such things enrage the Otherlings. Use the sterilized meat cleaver if your terms require somatic payment.

Do not touch any physical objects seen to emerge from the Discontinuity! These are aportations, and qualified personnel will deal with them.

The macroscopic life forms will reply through the vocal cords of the Saracen’s Head mounted above the window.  Speak the words of the binding written in ebon on the plaque, and insert your head in the unit.

The process is painless for us, and the side effects are permanent and highly disquieting.

Or, for your convenience, you could simply vote in the Hugo Awards with the Rabid Puppies. The long term effects on this area of spacetime are the same.

For myself, I will be voting in perfect lockstep with the Dark Lord, as this is the rational response to the ghastly condition to which the Puppy Kickers brought the once-respected Hugos last year.

So, yes, I will also be voting for Chuck Tingle and My Little Ponies. His is a name worthy of what this award has become.

My second reason for so voting is that if I attempt counter-regulationary thought, the cortex-worm clamps energetically on my Lobe of Volitional Excruciation, inducing vehement spasms.

Except the semiprozine vote: there I am voting for Sci Phi Magazine. I am puzzled that Vox Day did not recommend it, and he has not publicly said why. Hmph.

Less than two weeks to vote remain, so if you’re already registered, do not fail, please, to send in your ballot.

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Superluminary Episode 10 The Madness of Tellus

Posted July 20, 2016 By John C Wright

Superluminary, Episode 10, THE MADNESS OF TELLUS, is posted on Patreon:

Episode 10 The Madness of Tellus

In this exciting episode, Aeneas Tell is on trial for his life! His cruel and Machiavellian uncles, aunts and mother coldly debate what punishment to levy. His crime: knowing the secrets of Lord Tellus, the missing Emperor his children overthrew!

The strange history of the family is discussed: startling revelations result! But the verdict is death!

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Clown-Car Press

Posted July 19, 2016 By John C Wright

Long ago, that same fastidious instinct which makes a man unwilling to spend his idle hours in a morgue, or a sewer, or an unsanitary meat packing plant run by slave labor in China, prompted me to sheer clear of all outlets of the mainstream media.

This instinct failed me this morning when, provoked by curiosity regarding the Republican National Convention, I looked up the latest news on Google.

Typing in the word ‘Trump’ and clicking the News (sic) tab had the following results: Read the remainder of this entry »

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CLFA Book Bomb Today and Tomorrow

Posted July 18, 2016 By John C Wright

Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance
Book Bomb

 “The Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance is happy to announce that we will now be featuring book bombs, where we focus attention on lesser-known fiction authors who deserve to be better known.
“For the next two days (Monday, July 18 and Tuesday, July 19), please consider purchasing one or more of the books on this list.
“If your friend asks for a good book recommendation, send him a link to this page.
“If you think pop culture should better represent the voices of conservatives and libertarians, please help spread the word.”
Yes, I’m on the list.

The folks over at CLFA (Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance) have their first ever book bomb going today for 20 books.

This list includes books by myself, my talented and beautiful wife, and SuperversiveSF’s own Ben Zwycky!

Books marked with an * were finalists in the CLFA Book of the Year contest (which was won by Larry Correia’s Son of the Black Sword.)

You can find the list here.

Here are some choices:

1. Iron Chamber of Memory, by John C. Wright
“On an island time has forgotten, a man remembers a lost love, a lost soul, and an eternal evil.”

2.The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin, by L. Jagi Lamplighter Wright
“Fringe meets Narnia at Hogwarts”

3. The Notice by Daniella Bova

4. Honor at Stake by Declan Finn
“One’s a bloodthirsty monster, the other is a vampire. Welcome to New York City, where Vampires Burn.”

5. Chasing Freedom, by Marina Fontaine
“Geeks and outcasts fight an oppressive regime in near-future America.”

6. Her Brother’s Keeper by Michael Kupari

7. By the Hands of Men, Book One: The Old World by Roy Madison Griffis

8. The Gods Defense (Laws of Magic Book 1) by Amie Gibbons
“In a world where the gods and magic have returned, enforcing justice just got a lot more hazardous!”

9. Portals of Infinity: Kaiju by John Van Stry

10. Beyond the Mist (The Chara Series Book 1) by Ben Zwycky

11. Echo of the High Kings by Jacob Spriggs
“In a world of vengeful spirits and dark gods, a handful stand against the darkness.”

12. On Different Strings: A Musical Romance, by Nitay Arbel
“Penniless Texan guitar goddess teaches British engineering professor. Hearts start beating in harmony. The world has other ideas.”

13. Fight for Liberty, by Theresa Linden

14. Van Ripplewink: You Can’t Go Home Again, by Paul Clayton

15. Amy Lynn: Lady of Castle Dunn, by Jack July

16. The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama, Matt Margolis

17. The Devil’s Dictum by Frederick Heimbach

18. The Good Fight, by Justin Justin T Robinson

19. The Violet Crow by Michael Sheldon

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Monogamy, Polygamy, Socialism, Madness

Posted July 13, 2016 By John C Wright

A reader writes:

That’s not what modern gender theory dictates, though. So the misunderstanding is with you, perhaps as a result of hearing it explained by people who didn’t understand it or those with agenda benefited by misleading people (not your fault necessarily). Modern gender theory suggests that masculinity/feminity is in significant part a construct, but by no means a “meaningless” one. It’s hard to disagree entirely, either, when for example one looks at how many identifiers of masculinity in, say, the early 1700s, have become identifiers of feminity by the early 1900s, or how it varies between cultures. The world would be a very different place if things were as hardwired as some in the 1930s theorized, for example.

Without addressing the original topic where this remark is found, I would like to comment on the underlying assertion being made:

It is the weasel word ‘construct’ which brings into derision Modern Gender Theory (sic: he means ‘sex’ unless it is a linguistic theory). Like most modern theories, it is at once saying something perfectly obvious and saying something utterly opposite the truth, and when confronted on the point that is utterly opposite the truth, the modern blandly denies the second meaning and retreats to repeating the utterly obvious.

As for example, from the observation (utterly obvious) that human languages differ, the modern linguist concludes (utterly outrageous) that thought is conditioned hence controlled by speech. Hence the modern addiction to political correctness: as if one could abolish misogyny by substituting ‘he and she’ for ‘he’ as the genderless pronoun.

As for example again, from the observation (utterly obvious) that all men are created equal, we reach the (utterly outrageous) conclusion that all cultures are equal, the barbaric, backward, stupid and savage somehow magically indistinguishable from the civil, advanced, enlightened and cultured. Hence the modern act of civilizational suicide known as multiculturalism.

This form of argument is called ‘Motte and Bailey’ tactics, where the speaker retreats to the obvious when confronted, and pretends the outrageous is not being asserted.
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Superluminary, Episode 09, BATTLE IN THE GARDEN OF WORLDS, is posted on Patreon:

Episode 09 The Battle in the Garden of Worlds

A battle royale of Lords of Creation! In this exciting episode, Aeneas Tell and his mad scientist uncles, the Imperial Family of Tell, unleash their scientific superpowers in combat! But what can even a cunning and bold science hero do against superscience so advanced?

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Prayer Request

Posted July 10, 2016 By John C Wright

A reader asks for your prayers. He writes “The mother of an acquaintance of mine has gone into cardiac arrest. Vitals are strong, but other than opening her eyes once or twice, she is unresponsive.”

Saint John of God, I honor thee as the Patron of the Sick, especially of those who are afflicted by heart disease. I choose thee to be my patron and protector in my present illness. To thee I entrust my soul, my body, all my spiritual and temporal interests, as well as those of the sick throughout the world. To thee I consecrate my mind, that in all things it may be enlightened by faith above all in accepting my cross as a blessing from God; my heart, that thou doth keep it pure and fill it with the love for Jesus and Mary that burned in thy heart; my will, that like thine, it may always be one with the Will of God.

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Defining Fascism and Morlockery

Posted July 9, 2016 By John C Wright

A paragraph below I used before in another place, but I hope I will be excused for quoting myself when my thought in the matter is unchanged:

I think we are all tired of hearing the same unimaginative insults flung by rote. I think we are past the point of being bored with hearing pro-free-market, pro-small-government, pro-liberty, anti-gungrabber, pro-life, anti-pervert, pro-family, anti-barbarian, anti-terrorist, pro-borders, pro-civilization patriots being called fascist.

It is the diametrically antithetical contrary of truth, like calling someone who insists on all races being equal in the eyes of the law a racist, or like calling an anti-feminist a misogynist or (that stupid made-up word) sexist.

Love of rule of law is the mere opposite of racism, and love of affirmative action is racism pure quill. Hatred of women is feminism. Love of women celebrates their difference from men, and seeks laws and customs to provide them a separate sphere of life in which their supremacy is unchallenged. Feminists hate not only men, but also virgins and mothers and everything and anything feminine. Calling these femininity-hating creatures feminists is calling cannibals cooks.

This is why honest men and philosophers define their terms and discuss their differences of opinion in measured tones, and Newspeak propagandists and rhetoricians never do, and speak either in sneer or screams.

In reality, to which I assume all who read these words are loyal, words have meaning, and the word fascist means a national socialist totalitarian. The Morlock is loyal to unreality.

In unreality, words have emotional import only, and are used only to express emotions, much like the barking of a dog expresses anger, or the purr of a cat expresses pleasure. What you are reading is a Rorschach blot of words, merely one subjective meaning plastered atop another, forming the verbal version of what, when expressed visually, is seen in a modern art museum as a can of shit, or a bottle of urine, or some other thing alleged to be art. In unreality, ‘fascist’ means BARK! BARK! BARK!

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But What Law Did She Break?

Posted July 6, 2016 By John C Wright

Some yammerwit asked me what law Hillary broke by placing classified State Department material on her private and unsecured server.

18 U.S. Code s. 793 – Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information reads at paragraph (f):

“Whoever, being entrusted with or having lawful possession or control of any document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, note, or information, relating to the national defense, (1) through gross negligence permits the same to be removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of his trust, or to be lost, stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, or or (2) having knowledge that the same has been illegally removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of its trust, or lost, or stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, and fails to make prompt report of such loss, theft, abstraction, or destruction to his superior officer—
Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.”

Please note that merely by taking State Department emails into her possession and retaining them after her stint as Secretary was done, she is a felon. The security level of those emails is immaterial. Removal from its proper place of custody of even one is sufficient.

There are separate statutes concerning the destruction of subpoenaed documents, obstruction of justice, lying under oath, and so on.

Back in the last century, when one had to go to the law library in the court house to look up a Federal statute, ignorance of the law, while being no excuse legally, was not necessarily willful. Now, you can find the law on several websites at the touch of a button. Hence, such ignorance is not excusable.

If the press columns you read did not say what Hillary was charged with, their deceptive negligence is also inexcusable.

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Superluminary, Episode 08, MISTRESS OF DREAMS AND DELIRIUM, is posted on Patreon:

Episode 08 Mistress of Dreams and Delirium

In this exciting episode, Aeneas discovers the identity of his savior: his vivacious young cousin Penthesilia Tell, Lady Luna, whose servants seek his obliteration. But is she rescuer or captor? A wrong word could lead to his instant destruction!

Our Story so Far:

Episode 01 Assassin in Everest

In which Aeneas Tell, the youngest member of the Imperial family of mad scientists who rule the solar system with an iron fist, is decapitated by a high-tech vampire.

Episode 02 The World of Death

In which Aeneas Tell is flung in his pajamas onto the surface of planet Pluto.

Episode 03 The Dark Tower

In which Aeneas breaks into the forbidding and forbidden tower looming above the ices of Pluto, and finds it void of living things, but not uninhabited nor unguarded.

Episode 04 The Technology of Tyranny

In which Aeneas, paralyzed, falls facefirst into the plutonian secret it is death to glimpse: a raging singularity at the engine core of the very antique superspaceship his grandfather once used to conquer to Earth!

Episode 05 The Many Murders of the Mad Emperor

In which the helpless Aeneas delays his death sentence to sate his lonely  captor’s curiosity, and his own. Lord Pluto reveals the startling truth of their family’s bloody past. Was the Emperor a savior? Or a maniac?

Episode 06 Deathstorm

In which Aeneas, paralyzed and on fire, plunge down and down toward the death-energy powered warp singularity at the base of the dark tower of unseen Lord Pluto, while all the undead vampires unleash a ghastly barrage of negative life energy no ordinary organic life can withstand!

Episode 07 Moon of Murder

In which Aeneas is blasted by an interplanetary strength particle beam weapon issuing from the Sea of Tranquility on the Moon to his position hiding behind a rapidly melting satellite in rapidly degenerating orbit.

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