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John C. Wright is a practicing philosopher, a retired attorney, newspaperman, and newspaper editor, and a published author of science fiction. Once a Houyhnhnm, he was expelled from the august ranks of purely rational beings when he fell in love; but retains an honorary title.

He is Risen

Rejoice! He is Risen indeed. Why seek ye the living among the dead?   Joyous Easter to all. Let the victory celebrations shake the world!

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As befits Good Friday, my post today is as bitter as the passover herbs. Turn and look back, all ye, at the Egypt we should flee. Freedom is a wasteland for many long and weary years of tramping: but beyond … Continue reading

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Time to Water the Tree of Liberty

From Time Magazine. I have no comment to make about the matter, lest I abridge the law which makes fomenting an armed insurrection a crime. On Tuesday, officials at Brandeis University backed off granting an honorary degree to Somali-born Ayaan … Continue reading

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Worth Repeating

I would like my kind readers to reflect upon the difference between the Bureau of Land Management, which controls an acreage of land larger than France and Germany combined, and is able to field a private army larger than that … Continue reading

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Rest In Peace

I was just sitting down to write a letter to Mr. Andrew Robertson, my editor and my friend, when I received a brief note from Malcolm Dickenson, his brother-in-law, saying that although Mr. Robertson was expected to return from the … Continue reading

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Do I Role Play? Ask Rather, Do Ever I Stop? — Part Three (Edge of the Empire)

There is also a game I am playing, which my best friend Mark is running. Yes, it is a STAR WARS EDGE OF THE EMPIRE game. What is it like to have a published and professional science fiction author as … Continue reading

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Wright’s Writing Corner –On Judging a book by its cover

The good news, prospective writers, is that it is now much, much easier to get published as an author than ever before in human history. The bad news is that it is much, much harder to find the reader to … Continue reading

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Do I Role Play? Ask Rather, Do Ever I Stop? — Part Two (The Dream Game)

Indeed, I still play role playing games. I usually invent my own dice mechanics for each game I run, based roughly on the Chaosium system. I find using percentile dice is intuitive: I have a grasp of what 75% means, … Continue reading

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A Marvel from A.D. 801702

It is discovered that H.G. Wells was wrong in his prediction. We need not wait until AD 801702 to see the English devolve into the troglodyte cannibal Morlock and the effete, pampered frail and helpless Eloi too foolish to realize … Continue reading

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Do I Role Play? Ask Rather, Do Ever I Stop? — Part One (Roling and Writing)

A reader asks if I still play Role Playing games. Indeed I do. Let me count the ways. This will take more than one post. Let me here mention the rpg’s I have played in the past which influenced my … Continue reading

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Time for a BOOK RIOT!!!

The esteemed and inestimable Larry Corriea, Monster Hunter, who is clearly my Siamese Twin severed from me at birth, is organizing a what we members of the Order of Mystic Mathematicians and Other Seekers of the Ineffable Flame call a … Continue reading

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Blood Moon in Holy Week

NASA reports that a total lunar eclipse will be visible from the East Coast of North America, lasting from 2.00 in the morning to 3.00. Meanwhile, the Good Book reports that “And I will show wonders in the heavens, … Continue reading

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The Diskos

A reader has a question about AWAKE IN THE NIGHT: Mr Wright, I’m having a little trouble visualizing the Diskos. Sometimes I see it as a lance with a cone shaped spinning shaft or blade and sometimes as an ax … Continue reading

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And More Pictures!

After posting a number of pictures of eye-candy, I should also show you some pictures which excite me even more.

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Would You Like a Slice of Cheesecake?

Allow me to present some pictures of the lovely Donna Reed, to which a reader brought my attention:

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Read Matt Walsh

Simply a suburb article today by Matt Walsh. As you might imagine, I was recently reacquainted with the rather sickening idea that I have a duty to show reverence for a political office, when I wrote a post last week where … Continue reading

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Night Land Day APPROACHES!

Here is the link:  Monday, the Feast of Saint Bezeret, is the official day for AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND to go on sale, but for you, my cherished readers, here is preemptive early roll out. To my fan: … Continue reading

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Monday the 14th is NIGHT LAND day — and the Feast of St. Bezenet

I am pleased and humbled to announce that my anthology, AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND published by Castalia House is purchase as of Monday, April 14th. It is available now for early purchase here: This is a collection of my … Continue reading

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An Imaginary Noah Film from 1950

Many criticisms can be leveled against Aronofsky’s recent antibilical film, NOAH. One which I thought at first was unfair was those who said God was absent from the film. I thought the criticism absurd. While He is not called ‘God’, … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“In its majestic equality, the law forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, beg in the streets, and steal loaves of bread.” — Anatole France It also forbids rich and poor alike to bribe politicians, commit securities fraud, … Continue reading

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Noah and Anti-Noah

I disagree, respectfully but rather sharply, with Mr. Greydanus’ review of Aronofsky’s NOAH. I wrote a review giving an opposite opinion, and he was kind enough to correct certain errors or oversights I had made. Nonetheless, there remains a point … Continue reading

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Wright’s Writing Corner: Spock Versus Elf!

The lovely and talented Mrs Wright has returned to her popular writing tips column. Except: I have been wanting to write about this for quite some time. Today seems like the day. It has come to my attention that there … Continue reading

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First They Came for Eich; Now They Come for McAleer

I have seen the Veronica Mars film, and it was wonderful. It made me proud to live in an America where private citizens can pool their funds in an entrepreneurial spirit, and get made the films that Hollywood is too … Continue reading

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David Marcoe Announces TriCon

ADDENDUM: Mr. Marcoe will be on a pilgrimage in Poland and out of electronic contact with the world until the 17th, but in the meanwhile has started a blog at which basically contains the announcement below. David Marcoe is … Continue reading

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Terrorists Hunting Christian Children Open Wrong Door, Meet Armed Americans, Die

Read the whole thing here: “KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban assailants apparently thought they were attacking an unprotected Christian-run day care center. But they mistakenly burst into the compound next door, where an American government contractor’s employees were heavily armed … Continue reading

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