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Hymn of the Pearl

Posted July 3, 2017 By John C Wright

I am boosting the signal for Brian Niemeier, a friend and ally, and the author of NETHEREAL, SOULDANCER, THE SECRET KINGS.  His next book THE HYMN OF THE PEARL is out, so buy a copy or nine.

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Interview! The Creative Catholic

Posted June 23, 2017 By John C Wright

Catholic World Report published an interview with me here: The interviewer asks about my genre, my method of writing, and the mechanics of writing. I am asked several questions I am not qualified to answer. Instead of a humble ‘I dunno’ however, usually I give a windy response:

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Posted June 22, 2017 By John C Wright

Yumiko Moth has discovered her name, but she still does not know who, or what, she is. What she has learned is that her mother is dead, her master has disowned her, and her beloved has vanished. And she also knows that the Day world is a very dangerous place for a Twilight girl, especially […]

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Dragon Award Nominations Still Open!

Posted June 20, 2017 By John C Wright

What do I recommend for the Dragon Awards this year? This year I have corrected COUNT TO INFINITY, have written, submitted, rewritten, corrected SWAN KNIGHT’S SON, FEAST OF THE ELFS, SWAN KNIGHT’S SWORD, as well as DAUGHTER OF DANGER, CITY OF CORPSES and four volumes of my pulp novel SUPERLUMINARY, written and submitted TITHE TO […]

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City of Corpses Cover Art

Posted June 17, 2017 By John C Wright

I am delighted with the cover art for this series. The book is coming out within days.    

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For Steam and Country by Jon del Arroz

Posted June 15, 2017 By John C Wright

Jon del Arroz is a fellow Superversive and Last Crusader whose career I would like to aid. He has recently been savaged by the Morlocks of File 770, and his books should be supported for that reason alone. The first book of SUPERVERSIVE PRESS is his. For Steam and Country From the jacket copy: Her […]

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Policy Shift

Posted June 12, 2017 By John C Wright

Hitherto, I have only banned holocaust deniers from my site. However, my patience for any fashion of anti-Semitic remark has been worn out. I have a personal interest in the matter. My father in law fought the Nazis in Europe during World War Two, and he won a purple heart while liberating a prison camp. […]

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Green Knight’s Squire now in Hardcopy

Posted June 8, 2017 By John C Wright

IN PRINT: The Green Knight’s Squire  Gilberic Parzival Moth is a strange and lonely boy who has grown up without a father, raised by a single mother who moves from town to town in fear of something she will not name. His only friends are animals, with whom he has always been able to speak. […]

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Let the drums roll and the trumpets peal! A new weekly serial to please, astound and amaze the reader has been commanded by the combined voice of fans of the serialized free-to-read fiction provided for your edification and amusement in this space. New action! New thrills! Reliable and Time-Tested Cliches! All yours for the asking! […]

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City of Corpses: Start the Countdown

Posted May 28, 2017 By John C Wright

I just sent to my editor the corrected galley proofs for CITY OF CORPSES (the second book of the Dark Avenger’s Sidekick trilogy, which is the fifth book of the Moth and Cobweb duodecology). I have seen the rough draft of the cover illo, which promises to be splendid. He says that the book will […]

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