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Milo Quote of the Day

Posted July 17, 2017 By John C Wright

The unsinkable Milo Yiannopoulos, the only public figure bold enough and fabulous enough to proclaim unapologetically the Roman Catholic Church is right about everything (and she is) likewise speaks truth to peevish in his book, DANGEROUS. For example: Instead of asking themselves why they lost people’s trust, the media instead asked why the people had […]

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To the People of the State of New York

Posted July 12, 2017 By John C Wright

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous sends the following and asks me to publish it. Your Father Is a Hamster and Your Mother Smells of Elderberries! By Publius Jr. Friends, Americans, Countrymen, lend me your ears! Caesar is an SJW! He is a cuck! He is a homophobe and an islamophobe! He is a […]

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Catwoman! The Feline Felon!

Posted July 4, 2017 By John C Wright

Per a reader request. He claimed to have a doctor’s report showing the necessity for his continued life, health, and well-being. And it is not as if I need any persuading:

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Meme Time

Posted July 1, 2017 By John C Wright
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Never Tell Me the Odds

Posted May 12, 2017 By John C Wright

A reader brings this interesting article to my attention: http://dailycaller.com/2017/05/12/scientists-still-cant-explain-mysterious-radio-signals-from-deep-space/ This is roughly typical for science reporting in popular organs: the interesting (to me, at least) part of the story is left out, that is, scientific speculation about the possible natural causes of these high energy bursts from space. Instead the writer dwells on the […]

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Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” Writing Advice

Posted April 25, 2017 By John C Wright

Here is what I would have done differently had I been the head writer for Disney’s dull and dispirited feminist morality play BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, which is a parody remake of their animated masterpiece of the same name. Instead of having Gaston and the villagers arriving to kill the Beast, I would have had […]

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The Trump Happiness Montage

Posted February 10, 2017 By John C Wright

It has been a fortnight or so since Donald Trump was inaugurated. Not even a month. Not yet a quarter of his first hundred days.In that time, more has been done to restore and reform the United States back into the nation we recall from our youth than any GOP politician in two lifetimes, most […]

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Tears for Terrorists

Posted January 31, 2017 By John C Wright

I would like all the protesters, newsmen, and Democrat politicians who are in such an overblown and hyperdramatic fervor of hysteria over the five score or so travelers inconvenienced for less than a day by Trump’s travel ban to answer a question for me. Obama repudiated a longstanding policy concerning refugees from Cuba, allowing anyone […]

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The Evil Legion of Evil Authors Loves You

Posted January 20, 2017 By John C Wright

There is one hour to go before the promised announcement to be made today in this space. To lull the impatient, let us beguile the time with a musical interlude. This comes from the dangerous brain of Tom Kratman, with the supporting fire from countless of the Dread Ilk.

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Happy Inauguration Day

Posted January 19, 2017 By John C Wright

In case you have forgotten: In case you have forgotten, everything you told by the press was a lie. From AD 2009 to AD 2016 was 1984.

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